Cherkasy region – the area of cooperation

Chairman of Cherkassy Regional Council
Cherkassy region is the youngest in age in the state. But its 60th anniversary looks rather respectable and mature. All the more so, when you look into the depths of its historical path.

Vladimir KHODAK: We should live the interests of region

Vladimir KHODAK, Director of LLC «Hodak, Deputy of Cherkasy regional Council

In 2014 Cherkasy region celebrates the 60th anniversary. This is a very significant event for the region, which is a historical center of Ukraine and geographical center of Europe and has significant cultural heritage.

Andrey KROKHMAL: The story of success

Andrey KROKHMAL, the Director of “Ladis” farming enterprise, Cherkassy Regional Council deputy
Today, the front pages of leading international publications day after day cover issues related to Ukraine: its politics, industry, culture, business, and so on. The world gets gradually acquainted not only with the names of high-ranking officials, but also with people, on whom local Ukrainian producti…

“Urozhai” (“Harvest”) Research and Production Company” Private Joint-Stock Partnership: Creating “harvest” together

Oleg VASETSKY, director of “Urozhai” Research and Production Company” Private Joint-Stock Partnership
“Urozhai” (“Harvest”) Research and Production Company” Private Joint-Stock Partnership is a leading agricultural enterprise in Cherkassy and Kiev regions.

Cherkasy Regional Consumers Union – One of Those Leading In Ukraine

Viktor BOIN – Chairman of the Board of Cherkassy regional consumers union.
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Honored Worker of service sector of Ukraine.
Deputy of the regional council.
He has worked in the consumer cooperation system since 1980. During the period of his work, he has held the following positions:

Federation of trade union of Cherkasy region:

Petro SHEVCHENKO, Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Cherkasy region

The most numerous and structured social organization of Cherkasy region is the Federation of trade unions.

CSTU – leading education institution in Cherkasy region

Yuri LEGA, rector of cstu, doctor of engineering, professor, honorary public education worker of Ukraine
Cherkasy State Technological University is currently one of the leading state educational institutions of Ukraine providing highly skilled specialists for many industries of the national economy, research,

Teaching to Save lives for 40 Years

Vasyl ANDRIENKO, interim rector of Chernobyl Heroes fire safety Academy, major general of civil protection service

The one who truly lives does not live for himself,
He fights to save the lives of others
(V. Symonenko)

Pavlo Tychyna Uman State pedagogical university

Natalia POBIRCHENKO, Vice-chancellor, Doctor of Education, Professor, Corresponding member of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (NAPS) of Ukraine, honored education worker of Ukraine with Student Government

Victor BILOUSOV: «The whole city territorial community is concerned about the development of Cherkasy

Victor BILOUSOV the acting Cherkasy city Mayor, Secretary of Cherkasy city Council

Cossack Cherkasy city has a rich historical heritage and interesting present. The youngest regional center of Ukraine is always at the epicenter of events.

JSC «AZOT»: The success of our country’s stability

Vitaly SKLYAROV, Chairman of the Board of «AZOT» PJSC

A JSC «AZOT» which is in Cherkasy city is one of the leading chemical enterprises of Ukraine holding ОSТСНЕМ (it unites enterprises of the nitric chemistry Group DF). In particular, it is the monopolist in Ukraine in production of caprolactam (the raw material for production of polyamide)

«CHERKASYOBLENERGO» public joint stock company: continuing a centenary safe energy supply tradition of electric power engineers in Cherkassy region

Going anyway by the roads of Cherkasy region you will surely see straight rows of transmission towers stretching to the horizon.

SE «Cherkasy standard metrology»:
60 years on the guard of the quality of life

Back in 1893 in the town of Cherkassy was the building оf «weights and measures», as stated in the former «Plan of the city Cherkassy province of Kiev», which is preserved up to our days. The first official data of Cherkassy regional archives date back to 1954

Designed, implemented, works

Vladislav SOPIT, Director of DP «NEAS №2» JSC «AK «Bogdan motors»
WOS AP №2» JSC «AK ” Bogdan motors» is the first domestic car assembly plant, created for the period of existence of independent. A ceremonial opening of the factory in Cherkasy took place on 20 June 2008.

Cherkasy heat commune energy: during 45 yearsmprovides with warmth and comfort the resident of Cherkasy

Mykola KUSHNIR, Director of «Cherkasy heat commune energy»

“Cherkassytransgas” gas transmittal pipelines administration – the heart of Ukrainian gas arteries

Andrey MANDRA, director of “Cherkassytransgas” gas transmittal pipelines administration
Today, Ukraine’s gas transportation system is one of the greatest assets of the

We solve problem for the people

Anatoly PETRENKO, Chairman of the Uman DSA
Uman region is a charming, unique land, steeped in historic fame of Ukrainian people’s struggle for the right to live independently on the native land of their ancestors. It is located in a picturesque place of the Dnieper upland,

“Furniture world”™:
Making the Right Choice

Right choice is crucial to achieve a set goal or success in various spheres of life. And in order not to make a mistake, everyone should be fully aware of what he strives for.

“From the garden bed” (“Z gryadki”) and “Gordiy” trademarks – synonyms for quality

Nikolay GORDIY, director of “Uman Greenhouse Complex” private leasing agricultural enterprise

A good muster must think how to earn money, but not just how to save it.

Valentin BOLYUK, general director of LLC «Servisagro-Uman»
This summer in Cherkasy region a record harvest gathering was devoted to the celebration the 60th anniversary of the region foundation.

Bulding new Uman

Yuriy BODROV, Uman Mayor
During this period he has established himself as a person who considers it his highest moral duty to do good to people, providing life activity and sustainable development of the city.Due to his consistency and predictability, and professionalism as a public official,

NDP “Sofiyivka” is a magic combination of nature and art

Ivan KOSENKO, Director of NDP “Sofiyivka”, NAS of Ukraine
the Director of the National dendrology park «Sofiyivka», NAS of Ukraine – Kosenko Ivan Semenovich, doctor of biological science, professor,

I trust people who work here and i am proud of them

Bogdan ТYCHONEVICH, Chairman of Khristinovsky state administration
Khristinovsky district was formed in 1923, on the territory of Kyiv region. In 1954, it became a part of Cherkasy

“Khristinovskoe” Research Farm State Enterprise – Leader of Domestic Dairy Cattle Breeding

Nickolay PEREDERIY, Director of “Khristinovskoe”
Research Farm State Enterprise “Khristinovskoe” Research Farm” State Enterprise of Institute of Animal Breeding

Farmer by vocation

Mykola RAK, Head of the collective farm “ROM”
There is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his work, for that is his lot.
Ecclesiastes 3:22

To work at the call of one’s heart – not everyone can afford it. Someone is just afraid to try it. Someone does not believe that it is possible to escape

Companions of his life

Mykola PLUZHNIK, Director of LLC «IBE heat network», Deputy of Cherkasy regional Council, Honor Builder of Ukraine

How differently for a human time goes by. In childhood it goes by slowly. And in later years it flies by in days, months and years, like autumn leaves, off and away.

There is no such thing as bad land

Victor PAVLYSHYN, Director of “Chaikovskiy” agricultural LLC

For Chaikovka village of Khristinovka district in Cherkassy region, “Chaikovskiy” agricultural LLC is virtually the only employer which gives job and, consequently, confidence in

   Zolotonosha means a golden city with «golden» inhabitants

Vitaly VOITSECHOVSKIY, Zolotonosha city mayor

Zolotonosha is the largest city of Cherkasy left bank and an important industrial center of the region, it is situated 35 km from the regional center at the intersection of highways Kyiv – Kremenchug and Kyiv – Cherkasy.

   Our greatest asset is our team

Sergiy CHETVEROV, Executive Director of LLC FES UKR

11.11.11 was a significant date for the first plant in Ukraine Food Empire, the manufacturer of the world famous coffee MacCoffee, as well as familiar to many Ukrainians coffee «Petrovskaya Sloboda».

   “Zolotonoshsky butter-making plant” Public Joint-Stock Company: 80 years of quality and nice taste

Vladislav KULINICH,
director of “Zolotonoshsky butter-making plant” Public Joint-Stock Company,
Deputy of Cherkassy Regional Council
In 2012, one of the oldest and best

   Mykola VASYLCHENKO: only an ukrainian investor is the real master of his land

Mykola VASYLCHENKO, Hero of Ukraine, full cavalier of the Order «For merits», honored worker of agriculture, honorary academician of the Academy of agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Director of JV «Agrofirma Mayak»

   Biological means of plant protection: effective, economic and eco-friendly

Dmitriy GROGULENKO, Director of “Agrobiotekhnologiya” scientific and production center” LLP
“Agrobiotekhnologiya” SPC LLP is one of the few enterprises in Cherkassy region,

   Yuri LYASHENKO: With an open mind to the land and people

Yuri LYASHENKO, General Director of SPOP «Vidrodzhennya»

SPOP «Vidrodzhennya» is one of the best farms of Cherkasy region. Created in 2000, it is located in the geographical center of Ukraine

   Cherkasy region is the territory of cooperation

Cherkasy region in 2014 celebrates its 60th anniversary. This region has a strong investment potential. Taken into consideration the unique geographic location, historical development, economic potential and cultural diversity, the region has all the possibilities for further dynamic development.

   Obsessed with sports

Anton SKACHKOV, two-time silver medalist of the Paralympic games and two-time champion XII Paralympic games.
SKACHKOV, Anton Aleksandrovich, two-time silver medalist of the Paralympic games of 2000 in Sydney (Australia), twice champion of the XII Paralympic games 2004 in Athens (Greece) in athletics.

   We hear you, Kobzar, through the centuries


«He was a peasant’s son and became the lord in the kingdom of the spirit. He was a bondman and became a giant in the kingdom of the human culture. He only studied himself, but he showed other, innovative and free ways to professors and scientists who only cared about their books».
I. Franko

   A warm welcome from the heart of Ukraine

There are many historical and cultural sites in Cherkassy region which reflect different stages of the development of history and culture of the territory, the life and work of famous people, and which have artistic and scientific value.

Shevchenko National Reserve in Kanev

Contemporary history of Chernecha

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